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Sunday, May 25, 2014

No Longer Silent

Once again I must raise my voice against those who presume to speak
for "Christians" as though their view is infallibly decreed as true
for all Christians. Pastor Simmons may not be "a homophobe, bigot, or
intolerant hater" but he is clearly ignorant. Why a description of how
men have sex or make love to men contributes to any discussion
regarding the morality of homosexuality is beyond my limited
understanding. But to me such love is as beautiful as the lovemaking
between men and women and deserving of respect.

As to the point of his article, the Christian view regarding
homosexual behavior and intrinsic nature is not universally settled.
It is every bit as varied as God's beautiful creation and displayed by
God's first covenant to humanity in the rainbow. Point in fact, there
is the organization centered in our own State Capital, "No Longer
Silent". They are a group of ordained Christian Clergy numbering some
300 plus who have signed a declaration of support for the LGBT
community in their struggle for equality. There are far more
"straight" clergy than self-identified gay clergy who have publicly
signed this declaration. They cover a wide spectrum of doctrine but
share a thirst for justice, respect and understanding of God's diverse

This "Declaration" was first made public in 2002. In 2012 they renewed
and enhanced their commitment and write: "THE TIME IS NOW to end every
form of spiritual abuse and discrimination in Church and Society
against LGBT people; and, to stand against flawed theologies that are
breeding grounds for the sins of homophobia and transphobia and give
rise to shame, bullying, murder and other crimes of hate."

I suggest that Pastor Simmons do more study beyond his limited
resources and expand his knowledge base to those he has yet to engage
in Christian Morality.

Be it the first covenant, the rainbow, or the covenant that we
Christians accept as foundational; the cross of Jesus Christ and His
resurrection, the message is a God with outstretched arms who
sacrifices himself in order to reconcile all people to our creator God
and Father. In his preaching Jesus only condemned those religious
leaders who pretended to speak for God by condemning, ostracizing or
limiting people's access to God's mercy by their rules and abuse of
scripture. The harshest condemnation is reserved dear pastor with us
who speak in His name.

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