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Monday, August 4, 2014


Recently I had an experience that awakened within me a renewal of
hope. As I was volunteering at a table during the Men's Health Fair
held at KRMC, I was sitting next to a lady who volunteers with Kingman
Cancer Care Unit. During a lull she said: "I know more survivors of
cancer than those who have died". Since I have been a chaplain for
Hospice these last seven years these word penetrated my heart in a
remarkable way.

Now as a hospice chaplain I have a deep conviction and reliance on
hope for life after life. This has been the context of reflecting on
hope for some years now.

What struck me so deeply is hope. Hope in this life. Those who bear
witness to the power of hope and faith for this life, here and now.

Scripturally hope is symbolized by the anchor: Heb. 6:19. That even
through the storms of life such as illness and disease we can be
grounded. Rocked by the waters we have safety in the harbor of faith
anchored to the earth itself.

Frequently a person may cling to hope for a cure when it is past the
time for any hope. This hope is not to be disabused since it creates a
shield against despair. Once this wall is breached there is the hope
of life after life. This is the hope I have been accustomed to and
inspires me as well.

What this kind lady reminded me of is a hope that makes all the
difference when one hears of a critical diagnosis, or a crisis that
turns our world upside down. This hope must be anchored in some faith,
some confidence be it religion or science. This hope releases a power
for healing, a power to survive the darkness of night to await the sun
in the morning of a new day.

Visiting with this lady also awakened in me a needed refresher in the
importance of hope. Hope which I need not only in my personal life but
in ministry. The value of hope not as a means of denial, but a means
of facing the daily challenges of life. Followed by that hope which is
beyond the confines of this life.

It is also important to note the importance of sharing. Sharing our
stories with strangers is a precious gift that can awaken both the
teller and the listener. Giving testimony, sharing stories of hope can
lead to faith.

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