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Friday, November 7, 2014


Tuesday we celebrated Veterans Day.

The Christian scriptures tell us “there is no greater love than this
to lay one’s life down for one’s friend”. In honoring Veterans we
honor their willingness to serve, and some to serve to the ultimate

There may be many reasons a person enters military service. By the
time they are trained and activated they have become true servants,
ready to give their lives for their country and their fellow soldiers.
There is no place of honor for those who think only of themselves and
live only for themselves. Military service has transformed many a
selfish youth into men and women of courage and selflessness. It is
right that we should honor their service.

We have reason to be proud of our nation founded not on privilege but
on freedom and public service. Aristocracy breeds classes of servants
or even slaves. Those who have no freedom to choose service but are
forced to serve and sacrifice their lives for the comfort of a few.

Our very foundation as a nation breeds a character recognized around
the world for our egalitarianism. Even the president is “Mister” and
after his time in service becomes “just a citizen”. They are honored
for their accomplishment while in office not for their wealth or

This attitude of freedom to serve marks a profound way in which we
look at all jobs and all positions in our American society.

There is no great money to be made as a server in a restaurant. The
difference between a waiter who has the mind of service to others is
worth far more than those demonstrating indifference. We are glad to
reward those with the mind of service through a tip on the table.

We come to recognize genuine service. Consider the difference a doctor
with a true mind of service. It becomes reflected in everyone who
works for them.

This attitude is institutionalized in the “Wal-Mart greeter”. Even the
common man deserves to be recognized and appreciated walking into
their stores.

This pervasive expectation is motivation for us to seek the mind of
God who did not consider His divinity something to be grasped at, but
rather emptied himself to become a servant.

Selfishness and greed is obnoxious, offensive to our culture. There is
something so inherently wrong in our society when we hear “greed is
good”. So counter to our sensibilities that it grabs our attention and
our contempt.

There was a time in our nation when all success, especially financial
success was expected to returned to others. Perhaps we have lost much
of this expectation, but it still resonates in the soul of our nation.

Thus military service is still highly and rightly honored as the one
institution that best expresses not only our religious sensibilities
but our civic, non-partisan pride in those who serve.

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