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Friday, March 13, 2015


To anyone who has ever had an experience of God that was specific as
day, hour, and place, grace can truly be described as amazing. But
perhaps it is no less amazing if it is a gradual awakening of faith
coming from opening oneself to the wonder of God. That awakening can
lead to a conviction fashioned by little graced moments. Is it any
less amazing for those having seriously wrestled with doubt to have
experienced such grace? Or what of those studiously questioning the
shear existence of God having arrived at the grace of the great
Unknowing. By whatever means one can describe having faith, it is
always unmerited, undeserved, unearned grace, truly amazing.

Are there words that can surpass amazing? By what adjective can you
describe the grace of a person who is able to forgive their child's
murderer? Google if you will Robert Rule who forgave the murderer of
his 16 year old daughter. The picture of Pope John Paul ll forgiving
the man who shot him. There are others who stretch our ability to
comprehend such acts of mercy and cause us to question the limits of
our own. Truly amazing grace.

Recently Dr. Paul Kalanathi of our very own town touched the lives of
thousands perhaps millions around the world with the faith and grace
he demonstrated in facing cancer and his death. Truly amazing grace.

What of the countless others who bear witness to us of amazing grace
through the courage they show facing the trials of pain and illness,
tragedy, false imprisonment or captivity? How often do we see many of
these remarkable people giving to others or showing concern for those
less fortunate. Truly amazing grace.

Not every story gets written or shared, but the grace that has
empowered them is one and the same even when it is known by different
names or identified by different belief systems. Grace cannot be
contained by any one religion or belief system.

Why some are chosen to bear testimony to incredible amazing
experiences of grace is beyond me to comprehend. Is it the measure of
those people's openness to God? Where do they find the inner strength
to carry on? Their character or their capacity for grace may credit
them without diminishing the giftedness of grace itself.

I am challenged by the nagging question of those I have known who
would desire such grace but have searched in vain. Or those who simply
live lives of generosity and never credit grace. Is the amazing grace
of which I speak yet to touch them? Are some just asked to be patient
for longer periods of time and if so, why? But when it comes to the
amazing, well, I only have heard or seen those who call it grace.
Truly amazing grace.

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