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Thursday, March 5, 2015


One of the most important lessons I learned in high school seminary
was the old Latin proverb which translated is: "He who doesn't know he
doesn't know, doesn't know. He who knows he doesn't know, knows." This
knowing is the launch pad into the great unknown which is faith. This
unknowing is the seduction of science. Belief on the other hand
attempts to frame, express, and communicate in some organized way the
harmony of faith and science. The great unity found in yin and yang.
The creative power of male and female. When belief cannot accept
science it is lacks faith.

The very origin of universities and science were religious
institutions. Paris for Christians and Fez for Muslims. Yale, Harvard,
Princeton, Stanford, and Georgetown in the United States to name a

Some of believers have sought to mark clear limits on science just as
some scientists have sought to conclude the mysteries of the universe
negate religion. The Church's condemnation of Galileo comes to mind.
This remains a serious blow to religion as it places limitations of
belief and demonstrates a serious lack of faith. Pope John Paul ll
lifted the excommunication in 1993. This may seem to be fodder for
jokes but it is a fundamental proof of what I am writing here.

Religion, which is A particular articulation of belief, inevitably
must confess its ignorance when it contradicts science. Although one
can't be too quick to laugh or condemn religion since science too
evolves in understanding and must confess its ignorance in the face of
new discoveries that blow away long held axioms.

Einstein is just one of those scientists whose work radically evolved
science into what is known today. He was a man of faith who spoke of
his faith as thus: "an attitude of humility corresponding to the
weakness of our intellectual understanding of nature and of our own
being." I may not share his belief, but I am inspired by his faith.

Another personal hero of faith is Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who
was a Jesuit priest and eminent scientist during the early 20th
century who grappled with the latest science of his day in reconciling
evolution with the scriptures. "We are not human beings having a
spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human

Respect for science and acceptance of religion are not exclusive. In
fact science can provide a profound source of inspiration. For a
person of faith it deepens their religious affiliation and motivate
action to preserve this wondrous creation of God.

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