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Saturday, April 25, 2015


We Christians are still in Easter season having recounted in these few
Sundays the various appearances of the risen Christ. As such he
invites his disciples to probe his hands and feet, to watch him
actually eat fish. This all to prove to them that he is truly risen in
physical body. There are Christians who take this less literally. I
for one accept it as truth even if it sounds ridiculous to skeptical

This emphasis on the physical risen Christ leads me to ponder how we
today, some 2000 years removed are to find the risen Christ?

Jesus says to “Doubting Thomas” to come and probe his hands and his
feet where he had been nailed. Probing the wounds fascinates me. The
invitation to prove himself by physical touch is what I believe we are
called to do as a church in every age.

As church we are not to be afraid to encounter Christ as he identifies
himself in the poor, in the hopeless, the doubters, the downtrodden,
the suffering in mind and body. Christ says he is to be found in the
least of our brothers and sisters. Indeed it is our mission to seek
him there. This means probing the wounds of our world.

The doubters, the skeptics, the unbelievers get tripped up by the
reality of suffering and pain though out the world. They rightly
question what kind of God permits the ugliness and tragedy to occur in
every lifetime. How can this be? How can the young and innocent be
made to suffer? The response we as believers are called to give to
this world is our witness to the power of the risen Christ by our
tending to the wounds, the broken, the poor as well as the victims of

Just as the disciples hid in locked room for fear do we sometimes lock
ourselves away in fear from suffering and despair? It is too
frightening and causes us serious doubt when we encounter the horrors
of humanity. Where is God to be found in such evil? Yet it is
precisely there that we are sent.

We are sent to declare that death has no victory, that evil can be
overcome, that God has not abandoned the poor and oppressed. They are
not cursed by their own sin but rather they are God’s preference among

Christians are not unique among the world’s believers in responding to
human need. Nor are believers the only people to be found volunteering
or working to eliminate pain or tending to suffering. But no greater
harm could be done to the gospel than Christians hiding in fear of
getting involved. Nor could any greater accusation be made against
those who profess to be Christian blocking aid or assistance to the
most needy and poor in our world.

Truly for Christians probing the wounds of our world is to encounter
the living Christ.

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