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Monday, October 10, 2016

The Seven Wonders of the World

While convulsing in the web of desolation, misery, I heard a voice. It was an angel calling me. He wanted to guide me on my life's journey. "The first station", he intimated calmly, "Is the Fountain of Innocence and Youth". "Here, as you are dirty, if you immerse yourself, your soul, assuredly, have faith! it will be washed and cleansed in grace divine and mercy. In mystical death you joyfully will find the newness of your life. When you will rise, the mirror of your soul will show angelic purity."

"Next, I'll guide you high up, we will climb the mountains of your mind and heart. There, on top, with clear lightning, with tongues of heavenly fire, the holy spirit, white, gentle dove, will set your soul ablaze with sacred love."

"Alas, I said in anguish, angel of God, I slipped, I fell in night, in mud." He looked at me and calmly said, "You put aside your torment, fears; your tears and Christ's holy blood your soul will cleanse and from above a happy song of angels will resound."

"A table?" I exclaimed, surprised, "are we lost?" "No" said the angel. You need some nourishment for your long road. Choirs of angels will stand in awe, around and Christ himself will be your host. Ambrosia and nectar are but pale images of this sacred bread and wine. Laid on the altar, you will consume God's heart, his love divine.

God's Angel, I said, "you kindly tell me, what are you holding in your hands?" Smiling, the angel, with happy voice replied, "There are two rings, a gift from God. The symbol of your nuptial binding with eve, the woman of your dreams."

"Angel of God, look, priestly vestments! I said in wonder. "Who are they for?" "For you, for on your soul's altar you are expected in prayer always to offer your labors, pain, your joy, the world, in harmonious verse the groaning universe."

"This is the last station," the angel said. "Here, there is for you a bed. Before you undertake your life's final trip, whatever is left from it, nourish your soul with sacred food, with holy fragrances, have it anointed and then with courage humbly toward the gates proceed"

Like in a dream, I found myself. Soon after the angel spoke, in front of the eternal portals, massive. Timidly I asked the angel "Now what will happen?" "You'll knock! Behind them in festive clothes you'll find God waiting with warm embrace, with shining eyes, he'll say to you, "You came, you are at home, my child, I was so worried!" Then turning solemnly, he will say to all the banquet gathered, "Let's start the party! Let's all rejoice, be merry, happy for my child's journey through life, you see it? It's now complete!"

-Andre Matthews

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