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Friday, January 27, 2017

Come back to me, O Lord!

It was morning when you came to me, O Lord

I was a child, some three-four years' old

Through the window the golden, bright sun's rays

Were affectionately falling on my face

Asleep, with your gentle fingers, you caressed my cheek,

Smiling, you kissed my forehead, you picked me up with love,

With parental, sweet embrace,

Carrying me, accompanying me, always on my life's rough, painful pasts.


Hold my hand, guide me, O Lord. Through life's intemperies

And when, at call of sirens, I depart, protect me from the Ondine kiss!

Remove the ugly stains of sin with Holy, Precious, Blood.

All merciful, all loving, God! Do not abandon me!

Before my death, come back to me, O Lord again with the sun's bright rays

With your gentle, parental fingers, caress my face.

Then pick me up and carry me home to your eternal place.

So that with you, my Savior, I can enjoy unending happiness. 

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