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Monday, February 20, 2017

Encounter with a Saint

It was in May of 1988, I was studying philosophy in Vienna. In spite the of the freshness in nature that this month brings, in spite of the beauty of the city of music, I was floating between despondency and despair. My dreams seemed to have been stopped short suddenly by a terrible illness. I was asking myself, why God permitted something such as this to happen? I had always loved him and been faithful to him. Moreover, I often asked myself if God really exists. So young and so close to death I was just doing now mostly social work, helping others, thinking of giving still my life, whatever remained of it, some purpose, some sense. One day I heard that Mother Theresa was coming to Vienna to the United Nations Centre. I decided to go to listen to her, to see her. The hall was full of people. She talked with her usual simplicity and profundity about Jesus, about God and his love for the poor, for the sinful. After her discourse, people went on the stage to be blessed by her. I decided not to do that. At some point, she stopped blessing people, she looked intensely at me and said "You're closer to God, you're more than you think! Fill the chalice of your life with your suffering and make it a pure offering to God!" Tears filled my eyes, I also looked for a few moments intensely at her. I read in her eyes, the promise of prayer for me. Afterward, I turned around and left. In the sight of all those people who turned their heads looking at me. Since then, I many times walked on "wrong sense streets" of life, but I never forgot her words and my heart has always remained close to God; either by the way of intense prayer or repentance, often offering my suffering to God. Her words continue to be a guiding light through the vicissitudes and contortions of my existence. I'm writing these words with the desire that they may help others as much as they are helping me.   

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