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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Homage to Anne Frank

Enchanting rose of Israel,
You sit quietly, powerlessly
Amidst four massive cement walls
In the darkness of your cell.
Your thin, frail body is trembling, shivering
Like a young plant, hit by ravaging wind.
It seems to you that terror and time are now Siamese,
Living in a perfect symbiosis,
Impassively watching
How your innocent people are brutally killed.
Your memory's tape is ineluctably revolving,
Incessantly displaying how Moloch's servants,
With diabolical zeal,
Are rushing to bring him
sacrifices of children, women, and men,
His monstrous, insatiable appetite
To satisfy.
Tears filling your beautiful eyes
You ask timidly
"Hashem, why?"
Exhausted, to fall asleep and dream
That a choir of angels came to sing you
A sweet lullaby.
Through the palm sized window
In the morning,
You see a verdant tree
And understand that it is
Hashem's voice
Telling you to be robust,
Giving you strength,
Reminding you that,
In the meanders of history,
No matter what,
You and your people will always be
Bearers of the divine light.

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