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Sunday, March 19, 2017


It had been four years since I was on dialysis. In spite of many encouraging voices, I knew that I was getting slowly but surely to the end of my earthly voyage. I began to prepare even more intensely for that final moment by reciting rosary, the stations of the cross, psalms, by reflecting on passages from scripture. The metaphysical revolt began, little by little, to be replaced by an obedient acceptance to divine will, which didn't mean that I experienced also moments of terror, of the approach of death, particularly by night.
                One day, I heard the phone ringing, I picked it up and I heard the voice of a young lady telling me that she is E. and that we met very briefly at the diocesan conference for youth and that she wants to donate one of her kidneys. I must say, I was at least for a few minutes perplexed, speechless then I said decidedly, no. I thought that it wouldn't be right for me to selfishly put at risk a young person's life. Within the next few days, my doctor told me that there were available two kidneys of a three-year-old child that had died in an accident. With tears in my eyes, I said again no. How could I accept the organs of a child? They would always remind me about the cruelty of the order of human existence that claims so brutally young lives.  
                I had almost forgotten about the young lady's phone call until one day, I heard the phone again, ringing and at the other end, it was her voice. She told me that she had done all the pre-transplant bloodwork and there was positive compatibility. On the day of the transplant surgery, her entire family was there, including her elderly mother, encouraging her, encouraging me. The transplant was successful and E. became for me from that moment on the living proof of God's existence, and loving, provident care for his children. Whenever I was sick afterward, and I had to go to hospital she called me and assured me, even when doctors were in doubt, that everything would be alright, my kidney would continue to function. "St. E.", as I called her, had a lot of divine favor. I don't know if there are many people like E. in the world, "Laying down their life for others" but I know that all the people who do that are beautiful, unperishable flowers on earth.
                                                                                                Eternal gratitude.!

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