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Monday, April 10, 2017

Light Never Dies

The exhilaration Mary Anne had felt a week ago when she had been called and had been told she would be able to go home was now a thing of the past. The twelve years she had spent in prison for a crime she had not committed had left their mark on her. She was happy that finally the truth had come to light; that was definitely a most liberating feeling. He aunt's sister, on her death bed, confessed that out of hate, she had poured the poison in the bottle. The police had found only Mary Anne's finger prints on the bottle and had decided that she also had the motive since her aunt, in her will, would have left everything to Mary Anne. It was true that sometimes, being young and reckless, she had behaved roughly with her aunt. But she had never thought of hurting her or coveted her possessions. She wanted to make her way in life, besides that, she deeply loved her aunt for raising her after her parents had died in an accident. She had been so good to her. Mary Anne came home to find no one waiting for her and her aunt's sister had lost everything. Mary Anne had nowhere to go. She went to the shelter and with the little money she had, she managed to get food and some clothing. It was Saturday night now and she found no place at the shelter, so she had to find elsewhere to sleep that night. But nobody wanted her. They all knew her from the television, from the mass media who had run a special on her. Whenever she went to look for work, they looked at her with disgust. If she went to a motel, they told her there was no vacancy. Soon she had realized that there is no place for her in this world, that there was no hope left for her. As she was wondering on the street, she heard voices of people singing songs. Mary Anne recognized the songs from a long time ago. She approached the source of the sound, and she saw that there was a church. There were people there processing around the church with lit candles, singing songs of resurrection. It was the Easter vigil.  As she was standing by, a child approached her, gave her a candle, grabbed her hand, and smiling said "come, sing with us." Mary Anne walked with the group of people, carrying the light, singing a song of resurrection that she had learned when she was a child. She realized then that there was still light in this messy world. The light of eternity was still shining down on this world, the light of God never died. Thus, there was yet hope for her. Everything can be taken away from the human being, even his body, his life, but not the light of God. Christ is Risen.

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